3cd set  

Set includes:

CD-1 Spectrum of Death...

The purest form of the original recording done at Opus Recording Studios in 1988.Our own master copy that has been re-mastered at Sixsound Studios.
This is the only copy of Spectrum of Death made right after the final mix was done, before any mastering.

CD-2 Destruction System with Extras...

The original 48 track tapes to what should have been our second album have been lost for over 20 years and may never be found.
Without re-recording the entire album with the original band,(which would be impossible)
Destruction System has been re-mastered to near perfection.

CD-2 also includes four previously unreleased songs.

Dying Day and Lives Blood, recorded in 2010 with Chris Jacobs on drums and Bob Zabel on bass.
Thrashaholic, the first song ever written by Morbid Saint and Death before Dawn,
recorded in 2011 with Randy Wall on drums and Bob Zabel on Bass.
All four songs were written by the original Morbid Saint.

DVD-1 Morbid Saint Live...

Recorded live in 1991 at our first show opening for Wrath, Gary Beimel on bass.
Recorded with multiple cameras, this DVD shows never before seen footage of Morbid Saint playing songs from both albums live.

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